—— Party Shoes ——

Party shoes
midnight blues
dance the night away
Away it goes
on twinkle toes
and dawn breaks through the night.


12 Responses to “{ Party Shoes }”

    1. adsinger Says:

      Wow, thank you! What an honour. I may need some time to read before I can nominate other people. I’m new at this so I’m still learning. The whole process is pretty interesting. Thanks again!

  1. Ji Says:

    beautiful poem!

    1. adsinger Says:

      Thank you πŸ™‚

  2. sami Alam Says:

    wow… really gud 1

    Visit mine and plz post your valuable comments …..

    I hope you will like that

    1. adsinger Says:

      Thanks so much! I’ll check yours out too!

  3. Now, I am really missing my clubbing days.
    love your simple words.

    Here from Jingle!
    Welcome to the Rally!

    Happy Thursday!

    Did you know that I am now hosting a new meme? Find out more Blog of the Week Please join us for the WEEKEND FUNNIES. Week #2 is this Friday to Sunday (March 26-29). See you there? hugs shakira Oscar Wilde-The IRISH Gentleman ART OF GENEROSITY


    1. adsinger Says:

      Glad you liked my poem πŸ™‚ Thanks for your comment.

  4. wordwand Says:

    fluent and smooth with a good choice of closely knit words and

    1. adsinger Says:

      Thank you kindly πŸ™‚

  5. nanno1982 Says:

    I loved it..
    I’d love to dance the night away.
    Beautiful imagery

    1. adsinger Says:

      Thanks so much. I like you icon πŸ™‚

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